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Fitness – everything you need to know

The word fitness is not foreign to us, but do we know what it exactly means and do we use it correctly? Check if you already know everything about being fit!

Nowadays, fitness is widely understood as physical activity and a new life philosophy, which implies being fit, i.e. healthy and athletic. However, it is worth knowing that the definition of this concept has changed over the years. In 1996, at the conference in Birmingham, specialists in physical activity developed a definition of being fit, which says that fitness is a dynamic state /system/ of searching for well-being from the psychological and sociological point of view, combined with the pursuit of achieving the maximum /for the individual/ physical fitness – through various forms of movement adapted to the capabilities, tastes, expectations of this individual, who thus takes responsibility for the functional improvement of one’s body. And do you know what fitness means in practice?

Fitness equipment – find out how to use it

Fitness equipment is an innumerable number of machines and accessories that allow you to move even the deepest parts of your muscles. The list of fitness equipment available in My Fitness Place include, among others, isotonic machines suitable for beginners, free weights for people who have already taken their first steps in the gym, semi-free weights complementing each training and numerous machines for cardio classes (e.g. running machines, cross-trainers or bicycles). You will also find here numerous accessories, such as dumbbells, bands, ropes, kettle, mats and hoops, which will allow you to take care of your body comprehensively. However, before you start the exercise, check how to use individual devices. Thanks to this, your training will be more effective, but above all – safe. If you are not sure how to train, consult a personal trainer.

Fitness classes – types

People who like training in a group can use the fitness zone. In well-equipped rooms you can take advantage of activities such as: step fitness, ABT fitness, yoga, power pump, body shape, Zumba, runmageddon, turbo burning and stretching. The advantage of group classes is their unique energy and a watchful eye of the instructor, who will ensure that each participant is training properly. It’s a great way to move every muscle, improve your form and have fun. It is worth noting that classes in the room in one of the My Fitness Place locations will be an ideal motivation, because the feeling of healthy competition makes every participant feel that he has to give his best.

Planning your trainings

The most important element of any training plan is to set the goal you intend to achieve and to determine the time in which you intend to do so. Without it, your motivation may disappear as soon as it appeared. If you do not know how to compose your training plan, ask one of My Fitness Place trainers for help. An experienced trainer will give you helpful advice. In addition, you need to remember about common sense during the training and about different activities. What does this mean in practice? Common sense is the awareness of your body and its capabilities. If you are going to the gym for the first time in many years (or generally the first time), do not push yourself! Plan a light workout that will move your muscles, but will not lead to troublesome soreness. In addition, make sure that the exercises are varied. In this way you will not overdevelop one part of your muscles working too much on others. It is also a good idea to supplement the base plan with activities of a completely different nature, e.g. if you do circuit training with free weights twice a week, devote the next two weeks to cardio and stretching exercises. This arrangement of trainings will allow you to slender and sculpt your figure, improve your form and litheness. Sounds good, right?

Relax zone – an important element of every training

An important part of any workout is rest and relaxation. Calming down the breath and stretching out tired muscles is a necessary completion of each training. In My Fitness Place, you can use the stretching zone, sauna and even the jacuzzi. Calming down will make the satisfaction with the training even greater. A visit to the jacuzzi or sauna will allow you to take care of your muscles and prevent painful soreness. However, before you plan your rest in one of My Fitness Place clubs, check whether the zones of your interest are in your immediate location.

Fitness is a broad concept where everyone will find classes that suit their needs, skills and capabilities. Specialists working for the My Fitness Place brand know this and they designed individual sports clubs so that everyone who likes physical activity can find a place for themselves. In addition, they made sure that customers feel comfortable, providing free Wi-Fi, free parking lots in many locations and bars serving healthy and nutritious snacks. So if you want to start trainings, come to My Fitness Place today.

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