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My Fitness Place gyms and fitness clubs

In My Fitness Place, we pay great attention to be able,
to provide you with the greatest satisfaction from your training..

Maximum of joy

My Fitness Place gyms are places where we focus on providing new, unique programs that make exercises fun, challenging, and above all effective.

In our fitness clubs, we strive to ensure that each workout provides maximum joy and everyone has the right space for themselves.


Experienced staff

Meet our trainers, check out class schedules and come to the first free training.

You’ll quickly see that My Fitness Place is your fitness club.

Our trainers know that experience is not everything, and the key to success is a good atmosphere during the training.

A wide range of activities

Our gyms offer various activities that will allow everyone to join us, regardless of the level of physical fitness.

In your chosen club you can select dance, health and strength classes. Trainers adjust their level of advancement to the participants’ possibilities, so that everyone will benefit from them.

A place for you

The goal pursued in our fitness clubs is to meet your expectations regarding the location, equipment, training programs, and above all, the coaching and training staff.

My Fitness Place gyms are professionals whose knowledge will help you improve your physical condition and thus have a positive impact on the quality of your life.

Good energy for development

We are a newly established network of fitness clubs.
We thrive and develop for you so that you can train even more effectively and in the most pleasant atmosphere. Together, we’ll make the number of My Fitness Place points on the map progressively increase.

Sports greetings!
My Fitness Place Team

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