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A few words about our club

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My Fitness Place in Kraków - gym and fitness club

My Fitness Place gym at ul. Szlak 77 is a modern sports club covering an area of 1500 m2.

Fitness club choices

At this location, My Fitness Place offers as many as eight training zones, including: cardio, isotonic machines, semi-free machines, free weights, platforms for lifting weights, cross or Queenax. Queenax is possibly the most unique functional and suspended training system in the world. The open format is flexible and can be configured to train circuit style or in small groups while maintaining the open space under the device. An inherent element of the training space is the well-equipped fitness room. The prestigious location of the club is also a great advantage – you can be sure that you are among the truly elite.

There is a wide range of equipment for intensive training, great for cardio exercise at the gym. You can find many machines here, so you can be sure that exercising will not bore you. You are going to love the free-weights and semi-free machines, where you can train all muscle groups. In addition, you can take advantage of the numerous machines to help diversify your exercise routines and stimulate even those deep muscle parts. Thanks to all this, training at our fitness club is always really special.

Our specialists also run many group activities, which are certainly useful and add new energy when you lose the motivation and willingness to exercise (especially during those long autumn and winter days!). We also offer a modern fitness room and an interesting schedule of activities, including ABT, fat burning, full body workout and healthy spine, thanks to which you can easily create your ideal training plan.

It is worth knowing that My Fitness Place also cares about your comfort and convenience, with free Wi-Fi for anyone visiting the club, keeping you in constant contact with the world.


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My Fitness Place in Kraków - gym and fitness club

Angel City
ul. Szlak 77
31-153 Kraków
tel.: +48 504-807-229
email: klub.szlak77@myfitnessplace.pl

Mon-Fri: 06:00 – 23:00
Sat-Sun: 08:00 – 20:00

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