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A few words about our club

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My Fitness Place in Kraków - swimming pool, gym and fitness club

My Fitness Place gym is located at ul. Sołtysa Dytmara 3 in the Salwator Tower building, and is more than just another regular fitness club. It’s an excellent space for exercise and relaxation, with an extraordinary atmosphere. The sports area covers 720 m2, split between the three levels.

Gym equipment

My Fitness Place has several training zones, including cardio with running machines, cross-trainers, stationary bikes, spinners and a massage roller. An inherent element of the gym is the well-equipped and spacious fitness room. A really popular feature is the combination of swimming pool, tennis court and mini golf course.

An important advantage of this fitness club, located in the Salwator Tower, is the Kraków swimming pool and well-equipped wellness area, where you can use the Jacuzzi and sauna (dry and infrared). There are also steam rooms to help you to regenerate after a training session, but they are also great for relaxing after a hard day at work. After a visit to our gym, you will feel special, so join us here soon.

Fitness club choices

Our specialists also run many group activities, which are really useful and add new energy when you lose the motivation and willingness to exercise (especially during long autumn and winter days!). We have a modern 120 m2 fitness room and an interesting schedule of activities, including ABT, full body workout, kettlebell, flat belly and healthy spine, thanks to which you can easily create your perfect training plan.

It is worth knowing that My Fitness Place also cares about your comfort and convenience, with free Wi-Fi and free parking too.


Main classes available at this club:

Zones available in this club:

Water quality testing

We want to kindly inform you that at My Fitness Place club, located at 3 Sołtysa Dytmara Street in Salwator Tower, we constantly monitor the pool water quality as per the Swimming pool water requirements regulation issued by the Minister of Health on 9 November 2015 (Journal of Laws No. 2016 of 2015) and the water testing schedule compliant to the State Sanitary Inspectorate requirements.

The latest results of water quality testing Date of intake PDF
The result of the water quality test 2019.05.29
The result of the water quality test 2019.05.15
The result of the water quality test 2019.04.24
The result of the water quality test 2019.04.10
The result of the water quality test 2019.03.25
The result of the water quality test 2019.03.11
The result of the water quality test 2019.02.13
The result of the water quality test 2019.02.01

Price list of tennis courts

  • 10 pln/h/pp for people with a MyFitnessPlace memership card,
  • 20 pln/h/pp for people with MultiSport i FitProfit card

Important: for people who do not have a Multisport or FitProfit membership card:

The price is 20 zł/h/pp. In a situation where the customer, apart from the open area, wants to use the remaining part of the facility, he must additionally buy a one-time entry in the amount of PLN 39.

Do you have any questions? Contact us

My Fitness Place in Kraków - swimming pool, gym and fitness club

Salwator Tower
Sołtysa Dytmara 3
30-126 Kraków
tel.: +48 661 773 249
tel.: + 48 (12) 26 83 172
email: klub.dytmara3@myfitnessplace.pl

Mon-Fri: 06:00 – 23:00
Sat-Sun: 08:00 – 20:00


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