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A few words about our club

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My Fitness Place in Bielsko-Biała – gym and fitness club

My Fitness Place gym in Bielsko Biała is located at ul. Mostowa. It has 1300 m2 of space available for various types of physical activity.

The fitness club is located on two levels of Galeria Sfera.

Gym equipment

There are as many as nine training zones, including: isotonic machines, a well-equipped cardio zone, semi-free machines, a large area for functional training, a core zone, a stretching zone and free weights.

My Fitness Place club was designed by specialists and enthusiasts of physical activity in a way to achieve comprehensive care of your body. The space is equipped so that you can find your place and enjoy pursuing your personal training plan.

Gym choices

Anyone who enjoys individual training can take advantage of around a hundred free weights and semi-free machines in combination with benches. The extensive zone for functional training is available for comprehensive exercises and complex training plans. The cardio zone, in turn, guarantees the opportunity to burn large amounts of calories and improve the overall condition of your body. Exercises in the core zone allow you to strengthen your abdominal muscles and take care of your deep torso muscles to stabilize the spine. Such training is especially useful if you lead a sedentary lifestyle and complain of back pain.

We must add that our gym in Bielsko Biała is also a great place for beginners. If you are looking to start your adventure with exercises at the gym then there will be something for you in the isotonic machine zone, used for basic strength training of the whole body. The unquestionable advantages are easy use and greater security in relation to traditional equipment available in sports clubs.

Fitness club choices

My Fitness Place also offers a place if you need extra motivation to exercise and love working in a group. You can take advantage of a wide range of fitness classes available for groups, which take place regularly in a thirty-five person room. The room equipment allows you to conduct a variety of sporting programs, while the large stretching zone ensures relaxation after even the most difficult training.

It is worth knowing that My Fitness Place also cares for your comfort and convenience, with free Wi-Fi and free parking at the Sfera Shopping Centre. All this makes even the hardest training a real pleasure, so if you’re looking for the perfect fitness club, come to Mostowa today!

Main classes available at this club:

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My Fitness Place in Bielsko-Biała – gym and fitness club

Galeria Sfera
ul. Mostowa 5
43-300 Bielsko-Biała
tel.: +48 785 061 426
tel.: +48 (33) 44 52 200
email: klub.mostowa5@myfitnessplace.pl

Mon-Fri: 06:00 – 23:00
Sat-Sun: 08:00 – 20:00


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